Thursday, July 13, 2006

Buzz words

Recently I've become so inspired by gardens. The variety of patterns and shapes found in flowers and leaves is amazing. I can now understand why Glasgow artist Charles Rennie Macintosh used flower motifs in the majority of his designs. With plants the possibilities are endless. I need to start using these patterns and shapes in my craft work. I find myself wandering around my front garden enchanted by the strange flowers that are currently blossoming. How could I have seen these flowers but never properly noticed them before?

At the moment I love the foxglove; tall and bright, wobbling in the wind. In my back garden, next to the door, is a bench. A foxglove has seeded itself below the bench and has worked its way up through the slats, using the wood for support. (see above photo, though it does not do the flower justice. Not the best photograph.) Sitting next to the foxglove, bees come flying towards you and bypass human life for some yummy nectar. They sit in the bell shaped flowers for a minute or so, moving to the next flower, up or down the foxglove ladder. Their buzzing reverberates making a beautiful noise louder than normal - the foxglove becomes a kind of amplifier for insects. When the bees are finished, they leave the flower and zig-zag away, narrowly missing my back door. I like to think they are slightly drunk on the nectar and sleepily satisfied.


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