Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sew Happy!

Great news - I am an auntie again! My sister-in-law gave birth to a 6lb 10oz baby girl, Sophie Christina on Monday. Both are well and the whole family is delighted! I now have an excuse to make more crafty baby things. It's a shame I won't be knitting for a while, but I'm sure I can find a lovely project to get started on. Thankfully my stash is full of pink material at the moment! It is amazing how new life can be so inspiring. Thanks to the beauty of digital cameras, I'll hopefully see photos of Sophie within the next day or so. The pictures I've had sent via mobile phone are just adorable, in the words of my dad - 'she's a wee smasher'.

I've currently given up on my knitted camisole top due to sore wrists. I find knitting very addictive and when I start I cannot stop. I have managed to pull myself away from the camisole and give myself a break for just now. I think just a few rows at a time would be better than a frenzied pace of forty a night. So I turned to embroidery for some light relief. It is such a relaxing craft, and gives faster results than knitting. I finished this pin-up girl this morning and need to find a project to use the patch in. Perhaps a small purse? I used some of the spotted material from my stash and embroidery thread that belonged to my grandmother. As a crafter that made lots of projects as a child, then gave up for years, I still find myself in awe of my completed projects. I am glad that in the last year I've started creating again. For just now, I can't stop looking at my pretty pin-up girl.


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