Thursday, January 11, 2007

The bitch is back.

I hope you all enjoyed the festive season. I had a great time. Very relaxing and indulgent. I have taken domesticity to my highest level yet. Look, see my photo of oranges dotted with cloves, cinnamon and bay leaves. These sat in the hallway looking pretty until we returned from two days in Fife to green dusty oranges. Mmm.

It has been a stressful week; Lee's grandad has been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. It is hard to see him ill and a shadow of who he once was. I love the fact he still manages a cheeky joke and a wink. Long may that last. How unfair life is when a man has to lose his dignity like this. At the weekend I finally declared myself an atheist. But that's a discussion for another blog. Times like this always make you reflect on your own life. I have dramatically changed my New Year's resolutions from 'losing weight and getting fit' (so stupid when you have ME) to realistic goals.

So what are your New Year's resolutions? I'd love to hear them - and be honest.

Here are mine, they may seem harsh, but I'm feeling freer for following them already -

1. To be selfish. In a good way. Put myself first and stop people pleasing. Compromise is a two-way process.
2. To surround myself with people who actually care. Life is too short to be undermined by disapprovers.
3. Enjoy who I am. Stop feeling guilty and worrying about what others think.
4. The bitch is back. No shoulder pads are needed for my assertiveness.


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