Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Wo-Man from UNCLE

I am the proud Auntie of another little boy - baby Ruben was born on the third of November - the same day as his older brother Ruairidh. So Ruben is the third boy in the family - Reece is the oldest and I can't help but declare (everytime I see him) how tall he is getting! I've known Reece since he was just two months old. He's now ten and that's the number of years Lee and I have been together. I can't really believe it. This week is our anniversary. We are spending this weekend at the MisoFunky craft fair at Hillhead Library (please note -10am-4pm!) so Saturday night won't exactly be a romantic night of passion. Usually after the craft fair I can barely speak or move - so much smiling is involved throughout the day that by the evening my face is rather grumpy looking.

Lee and I went back to Fife at the weekend to see Ruben and enjoyed cooing and aaaahing over him. He is a delightful wee baby, very quiet and sleepy. Newborn babies smell so nice; of talc powder and baby lotion. I always forget how small they are. His older brothers are rather proud and protective of him.

Interesting revelation - I just found out that Ruairidh has always called me Uncle Cat. How strange - I did shave before I went home (joke) and I don't have overly large hands (a dead giveaway) or an Adam's Apple. Apparently it's just a habit - I know that Reece used to call Lee and I Leecat, because he always saw us together and merged us into one person. Scary imagery. Once when his dad took him out for a walk he saw a cat (of the feline variety) and said, 'Look, there's a cat!' to which Reece replied - 'Where's Lee?'. Ah, the things kids say!

The previous weekend, I went to London with my parents to visit my brother Paul and his family. He has a three month old girl called Sophie. She is just delightful and, like Ruben, is very cute and smells just gorgeous! She's laughing at lots of things now - cue silly noises, faces and dances to make her giggle. I had a fabulous time, pottered around Greenwich/Blackheath and just relaxed in my brother's house. We also had an afternoon trip to Hobbycraft. It was like crafter's heaven. I didn't know where to start! I wish there was a branch up here in Scotland, the nearest is down in Newcastle. Paul kindly treated me to a selection of crafty things. (see photo). My sister laughed when she heard I visited Hobbycraft - 'Where you not overwhelmed?' Yes, I was, but the shopper in me came alive and I went forth and rummaged in the bargain bins.


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OOh - Hobbycraft! I saw the hilarious ads on TV and knew I really had to go there! One day.

see you sat.


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