Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lack of witty blog title.

Today I'm suffering from lack of witty blog title. So I've done without.
It's been a hard week for me, my health has been bad again. I had that minor operation (or procedure as it's often called, though for some reason I find that a rather creepy word..) and though it went well my M.E has flared up again. For those that don't know me, I've been ill with M.E (also known as CFS) since I was thirteen. My health fluctuates from being reasonable and managing nice walks and shopping, to being stuck in the house, unable to do little more than read or watch television. I guess this is my ill health 'coming out' blog. But I don't like to go on about it; ill people are such a bore, and I'm sure that in the future I'll post more about my health and the hilarious adventures of living with M.E.....
So my mum came over this week for a few days to keep me company and give me some of that magical mummy tlc - it was fab! We enjoyed a cheesy movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker, cups of tea and a jaunt into town that left me exhausted but the proud owner of a new pair of trainers. My mum likened them to sandshoes and disputes their usefulness in the rain, but actively encouraged the purchase...or at least that's my excuse.
Last week my parents brought through two marrows - both huge. I asked for the small one and managed to make two batches of soup from it. Nice and nourishing for when I'm low. My sister's taken the larger one, I reckon it's more like a caveman club than a marrow. The photo shows my marrow next to keys to give you an idea of size. I'd hoped to find a poignant link between being ill and marrows, soup or visits from family members, but I don't want to push a naff metaphor on my readers. Basically, there is no marrow to this tale. See, I've left you with a rotten pun instead. Get it? Marrow/moral...c'mon people!


Blogger moosh said...

boom boom! when choosing blog post titles, you should think of several and then try to marrow it down to one ... see what i did there! :)

2:49 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

that is quite a marrow... i'm highly excited about it because i'm about to blog about my giant banana i got from the shop! gm foods.. they are incredible!

2:56 PM  

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