Monday, October 09, 2006

Fabulous Fashion

It's been a busy week for me. Last Thursday I handed in my final portfolio for my Open University course. As long as I pass (fingers crossed) then I've got an English Degree! What a relief. Five years of hard work finally over. The end of an era.....And the start of a new one.

So a fashion show was the perfect place to celebrate. On Saturday, Che Camille had a fabulous event. Going against the grain of typical plastic-fantastic fashion shows, this was a unique night. No catwalk/runway, no amazonian models (well, a few) and certainly no London Fashion Week. There were several sets where models posed and danced for the crowd. I was happily dancing in a harem/tent and Lee was a star fighting off the paprazzi. Yes I'm a model. For one night only. But it was mighty good fun. I got to wear a beautiful dress from designer Onnie and Lee wore a red military coat made by Rabbi. I won't list all the fantastic designers, for fear of forgetting to mention someone, so you must go and have a look at Camille's website - for more about future events and the clothes available. The website also features the new e-mag, launched today. Lee has worked so hard this last month alongside Camille and other contributors (photographers, designers etc) to create this wonderful e-magazine. Available for your viewing pleasure at

As usual I'm absolutely shattered, but hey it was worth it. What more can a gal ask for in one week- a degree, modeling for a fashion show and wearing a short, stunning dress. A great Saturday night.


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where is the photo of you in the dress?!

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