Friday, January 12, 2007

Catherine needs.....

Ok, so now I'm copying Jo, Claire and Elaine who have posted this idea in their blogs. It is some harmless fun. Go to google and type in 'your name needs' and see what comes up. A good start to a New Year methinks......
1. Catherine needs another Slushpile Condo!
2. Catherine needs to put her everyday chair in the car when she drives, she still prefers a rigid chair to a folding chair.
3. Catherine needs katieplayer bookmarking information.
4. An Editor’s Report is what Catherine needs.
5. Catherine needs to take her efforts in the gym back to 75% of her max so that she will be more in control and won't be using it as a mechanism to be hard on.

And, as my counsellor says, only do what you want or need to do, and stay away from the shoulds. Perhaps number four is the best option?


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