Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Yes, you've guessed it, the photo is of a bull in a china shop. What have I done now you ask? I was browsing in Au Naturale - home store extraordinaire, and picked up a cake stand as their quaint scalloped edges always attract me. Though I clearly don't need one. It was caught on the others and I managed to smash two. Next to me, two older women stared open mouthed in sympathy and called over a sales assistant. I apologised and he completely blanked me. Being the youngest in my family I cannot stand being ignored, so I wandered off without the slightest bit of guilt. I am not beating myself up over an accident.

Though I'm clumsy I make a point of not telling myself I'm unlucky or 'bad things happen to me'. There is no such thing as lucky or unlucky - life happens, and sometimes it is not good. Ok, today's experience is petty, but over the last year I've had to deal with some awful situations. It is how you deal with them that determines the outcome. My mother brought me up with the notion that 'something good comes out of something bad'. And if you think back on every bad experience in your life, it may take time, but eventually you will be able to find something positive that arose from the situation. Otherwise, what's the point?


Blogger Ciara said...

Well said Cat.

I am clumsy too. But yes, 'from the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success' (Chitty chitty bang bang song).


3:42 PM  

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