Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's in MY Bag?

Well would you like to know? This was started by Alice and followed on by Marceline. I couldn't resist doing this too. I loved all the teen mags that did photoshoots of 'what's in your bag?'. I longed for Evian mist spray and a diary full of important events.....

Here's my bag.
Handbag - from H&M.
Book - won't fit in, but carrying it about. Doing a review on it asap.
Purse - handmade by my husband.
Card wallet - Hello Kitty in a candystyle theme. Carries all my loyalty cards.
4-colour pen - I love this pen. My favourite type of pen.
Halls Soothers - to soothe my sweet voice. (Ha!)
Parma Violet lip balm- comes in a lovely tin and is so yummy.
Dentist appointments - printed out and ready to get these wisdom teeth checked over.
Mobile phone - I heart my phone.
Showpony purse - delightful present from Tracey for my Christmas, a purse made by Emma of Showpony. Beautiful! This holds the following - mini hairbrush, red lipstick, extra chewing gum, hair band, hankies from Marceline's Japan trip.

There you have it - my handbag! Was there any surprises?


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