Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shiver me timbers....

Here's an update on my last blog. My mum emailed me more information about Captain Thompson.....You could have emphasised that Thompson turned pirate, rather than he turned bad!!. He was well respected in Peru, and some our family was based there. The treasure had to be gotten out because of the slave uprising, think 1832? or thereabouts. There was one child who was sent back to Dundee at this time and he was an old man when Matt (my great-aunt) was wee. He used to tell tales about what he remembered to his relatives and that is how Matt made the connection!

The Americans thought the treasure was buried on the shoreline, I think and were organising equipment to dig down- would need to have built sides as the sand would have just fallen back in. Never heard anything from them so I suppose that they failed too. By the way one was a dentist! - put his money into finding the treasure!- rich dentists in America!

Thanks Mum for the extra details. I hope the dentist never lost too much money. Chasing treasure is rather like chasing a rainbow. Fun but impossible.


Anonymous Vanessa said...

Treasure, Pirates, Dentists!!! How wonderful!! Yes, but can you imagine really finding a treasure???

2:02 AM  

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