Monday, February 12, 2007

Pass me my cape, for I am the Ratcatcher!

Don't worry, this is not a personal photo - I got it from Google images. I returned from physio today to a rather scared Fiona. She stayed over last night and was about to have her morning cup of cherry tea when she spied a tiny field mouse attempting to chew the sewing machine lead. She claims he eyeballed her in a rather cheeky fashion, so she began to chase him around with the wastepaper bin. Sadly he was far too fast.

We went to B&Q and bought two humane mouse traps and set them up. This afternoon, I was chatting away on MSN when I felt something tickle my foot - I looked down to see Jeemy (we named him after the mouse in Oor Wullie) sitting looking rather gallous. So, I chased him around for ten minutes, at the same time on the phone to Fiona (who had gone home) to give me some courage until I trapped him under a plastic bin. I slid him towards the door and used the door mat as a cover. Thankfully, I managed to get him out the house and into the garden. He promptly ran for cover, but hung around near the front door. I looked outside a few minutes later to find him chewing on a dead worm and decided - you are on my patch son, time to move on. So, out I went, scooped him up into the bin -bear in mind these are fast fast creatures, I don't know how I did it - and walked round the corner a few hundred yards to the church garden and let him off. I pray he finds peace and does not come back!

After my hassle with the weevils (all gone now!) I am really not happy with my vermin problems. The neighbours must have thought I'd lost it when I was shaking bits of paper out - to get rid of weevils - so now they see me wandering around with a bucket at arms length.....

I need to go for a lie down now. Far too much excitement for one day. What superhero suits me better - Ratcatcher or Dangermouse?


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