Sunday, February 11, 2007

Catherine's Concierge Service

After a hectic week, I am slowing right down today. Yesterday was the legendary Misofunky market where my other half Lee has a stall. This time it was held in The Venue at Oranmor (or Oranmoor as I call it in my Fife accent!) and as usual, the Misofunky girls organised a great day. I hijacked part of Lee's stall for some knitted mittens and tiny handmade gift bags (see above). It was very busy and Lee was delighted to sell three of his paintings. We are sad to see them go as they looked fantastic in our living room, but they went to good homes. I like having space for more of Lee's creations.

I am glad to have a day off today to relax. All week I've been running around organising things for Lee. I usually live a 'part-time' lifestyle so when I do a 'full-time' of week of activities, I really feel it. My body cries out for rest when I overdo things. I plod along, keeping reasonably well, but weeks like this remind me - 'oh I'm ill!'. I slept until lunchtime today, so I already feel refreshed. It has been wonderful doing nothing of consequence this afternoon!
Lee's currently very busy with work so his personal time is virtually non-existent. Therefore, it falls on me to help! I always joke that I'm Lee's personal secretary, but Claire has suggested that this week I've been more of a specialised concierge service. True. But I want to know - in the word concierge, why does the rule 'i before e, except after c' not come into play? It is typical of the English language to have exceptions just when you least expect it. I will leave you to ponder that one, and feel free to enlighten/correct me about the finer details of this language rule....

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Blogger ysolda said...

the little bags are adorable :)

I think the i before e rule only applies when the vowels are pronounced as one sound. In concierge both vowels are pronounced as seperate sounds - I guess it's also to do with it being a french word

7:39 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

My guess would be that it's because the word was originally borrowed, probably from French by the sound of it, which is why it doesn't follow the English patterns. (Actually, I'm such a geek that I just checked the OED, and it's from Old French. We just stole it!)

And hello! I think my Mum knew your Mum when we were both first ill in the wonderous Kirkcaldy! Laura gave me the link to your blog so I thought I'd pop in and say hi!


8:42 PM  
Blogger said...

I usually do not know these things, but I guess, Concierge is ot an english based root word. It is French. hee hee. Wow, you have been a personal service for your boy? Is this your boy you speak of? It is time for you to put your feet up and relax.....Yay

2:00 AM  
Blogger moosh said...

concierge indeed! i think it's because it's French - they are not ones for following language conventions! Great day on Sat! :)

10:30 AM  
Blogger CatherineNiven said...

Hi all, thanks for all the language advice! Very interesting.

Sarah - Hi! Nice to hear from you, I remember who you are, I hope you are well. Email me anytime -


3:33 PM  

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