Thursday, April 26, 2007

How does your garden grow?

Here's some photos of my parents garden. On Tuesday, before we returned to Glasgow, I happily pottered about waiting for my hair to dry, snapping photos with my mobile phone. Bees were on a mission to get to the pollen and the birds couldn't wait for me to move away from the bird table where all the best food lay. I love the gated area that separates my Dad's vegetable patch from the rest of the garden. I look forward to summer when there are fresh peas and broad beans to munch on as I wander round the garden with my mum.
It's a shame you cannot smell the garden via this blog, for the blossom was very sweet. The red quince looked stunning crawling up the fence. I've always liked quince. I think I'm biased as my favourite poem is The Owl and the Pussycat and the mention of quince has always sounded so exotic to me....I would love it if my parents tried to make jam from the quince fruit in the summer. Last years plum jam (from their little plum tree) was very tasty and I'm still enjoying that on toast.

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Anonymous Sally said...

I love the idea of the gated area, too. It makes it very special, and we wonder who is allowed in? Or, who is it designed to keep out??
Sally of

1:54 PM  
Blogger kazzytextiles said...

How wonderfully fab ur blog is...
just came across it and soooo glad i did...oh' Scotland is a beautiful, magical, peaceful place...been once when i was 11 yrs old...a holiday cabin at Lock lommand (think thats what it was called). I remember drawing all the time cos' it was so amazingly special there. Now being nearly 27 yrs my memory is starting to go!!
but i remember the vast greenery, lush lands and highlands. Truely magical...u r lucky to live there.

The garden photo's- how beautiful.
i have a little patch of my own in Devon and i love being out there admiring the flowers and watching the birds and buzzy bee'zzz zooming around...peaceful.

Glad i came by your blog,
be back again.
check out mine if u wanna?

x x x kazzy x xx x

9:19 AM  

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