Monday, April 30, 2007

My hero

I had a visitor last week- my dog Cari was over to stay for the week again. She lives with my parents (and loves their garden to lounge around in) and comes here for her holidays. I think she finds it rather irritating that she can't lie out in my garden. It's not safe enough for her; she has a tendency to roam or run off if a garden is not enclosed. If she wants to enjoy the sunshine she has to be tied to the clothes pole. Not much fun when she gets tangled up in a circle!

Lee and I went to see Gruff Rhys at the Tramway. It's a fantastic venue with beautiful outdoor area - The Hidden Gardens. Here's Lee trying to escape the camera.
We had a wander round outside before the gig started. Of course, I bought some merchandise. My Candylion mug and t-shirt are too nice to wear/drink from. It often takes me days before I wear new clothes; as if I'm in awe of their nice-ness. I don't like to spoil their perfection and yummy new smell. I spent ages trying to decide what t-shirt to buy, thankfully the girl at the stall (I think it was Lisa from 9Bach) was very patient. They even had little Candylion baby-gros! I nearly bought everything in sight.

After the first band Boom Bip played, I really needed a seat. Lo and behold, we turned around to notice a balcony area behind - with comfy seats! So up we headed for some rest and a great view of the other bands. I enjoy being in the throng of the crowd, but I must be practical. I get so tired standing for long periods that it makes sense to perch somewhere. In the end, Gruff was fantastic and he remains my favourite artist of all time. (blushes) A great set and good banter ensured a memorable gig.

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