Monday, April 30, 2007

My hero

I had a visitor last week- my dog Cari was over to stay for the week again. She lives with my parents (and loves their garden to lounge around in) and comes here for her holidays. I think she finds it rather irritating that she can't lie out in my garden. It's not safe enough for her; she has a tendency to roam or run off if a garden is not enclosed. If she wants to enjoy the sunshine she has to be tied to the clothes pole. Not much fun when she gets tangled up in a circle!

Lee and I went to see Gruff Rhys at the Tramway. It's a fantastic venue with beautiful outdoor area - The Hidden Gardens. Here's Lee trying to escape the camera.
We had a wander round outside before the gig started. Of course, I bought some merchandise. My Candylion mug and t-shirt are too nice to wear/drink from. It often takes me days before I wear new clothes; as if I'm in awe of their nice-ness. I don't like to spoil their perfection and yummy new smell. I spent ages trying to decide what t-shirt to buy, thankfully the girl at the stall (I think it was Lisa from 9Bach) was very patient. They even had little Candylion baby-gros! I nearly bought everything in sight.

After the first band Boom Bip played, I really needed a seat. Lo and behold, we turned around to notice a balcony area behind - with comfy seats! So up we headed for some rest and a great view of the other bands. I enjoy being in the throng of the crowd, but I must be practical. I get so tired standing for long periods that it makes sense to perch somewhere. In the end, Gruff was fantastic and he remains my favourite artist of all time. (blushes) A great set and good banter ensured a memorable gig.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

How does your garden grow?

Here's some photos of my parents garden. On Tuesday, before we returned to Glasgow, I happily pottered about waiting for my hair to dry, snapping photos with my mobile phone. Bees were on a mission to get to the pollen and the birds couldn't wait for me to move away from the bird table where all the best food lay. I love the gated area that separates my Dad's vegetable patch from the rest of the garden. I look forward to summer when there are fresh peas and broad beans to munch on as I wander round the garden with my mum.
It's a shame you cannot smell the garden via this blog, for the blossom was very sweet. The red quince looked stunning crawling up the fence. I've always liked quince. I think I'm biased as my favourite poem is The Owl and the Pussycat and the mention of quince has always sounded so exotic to me....I would love it if my parents tried to make jam from the quince fruit in the summer. Last years plum jam (from their little plum tree) was very tasty and I'm still enjoying that on toast.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Passing by....

It's been a week of highs and lows. Sadly, Lee's grandad George passed away following a short illness. It's a cliche to say it, but he was a good age - 80 and had lived a happy, healthy life. He was a content man, easily pleased and at his happiest with a cigar, some whiskey and his family around him. He was very fit up until the last few months of his life. As an ex-coalminer he was not unused to hard work and loved spending time growing vegetables in his garden. He took great pride in his garden. On meeting his granddaughter's new partner, the first thing he asked him was 'And do you cut your own grass?'.

On Saturday, I went with a large group of friends to a day spa at the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow city centre. It was great fun - we were treated like queens! After the sad news of George's passing, it was lovely to relax and be pampered. I now have a taste for the high life and hope to go back again for my birthday....

I have never been to a funeral before and could not face going to George's funeral. I felt it would bring up all those sad feelings about my Papa - and at this moment in time I'm not ready to face them. I am getting married in 4 weeks and it still makes me tearful to think my Papa will not be there. He'd have a rare old time and I know that he'd get on so well with Lee.

Instead of going to the funeral, I went back for the buffet and drinks at the social club. It's been a while since I've been to Bowhill Social Club and it's not changed very much. For readers outside UK, a brief description of a social club can be found here. Most social clubs are well known for their old fashioned decor and cheap drink. George (or Dod as he was known, Scots slang for George) would have enjoyed the after funeral toast. He loved going to Bowhill Club for a half. There was plenty of reminiscing and family gossip to catch up on. Dod's half brother Alec was rather funny, telling the story of the first time they'd met in years. They were in their 20s, working at the coal mine when Alec gave Dod a hand with some work, 'Cheers neebor,' said Dod, 'Who are you?' Dod asked. 'I'm your fucking half brother!' Alec replied. And that was that. Dod went back to work.

Here's some photos of Bowhill Club.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

What have I been up to?

Well folks, sorry for the very very long delay in posting. I had a couple of weeks with stomach problems again, but I'm slowly picking up. I love writing lists, so here's a list of some things I have done since I last posted......

1. Went to a fashion show at Che Camille. As usual, Camille did a fantastic job of organising a professional show and it was great fun. Highlights included Rab and Onnie's clothes and the wonderful 3D photography exhibition by Denis.
2. Had the second part of my story published in Che Camille's 3D edition of the online mag. See it here.
3. Attended Claire's retro style birthday party. Played pass the parcel, the fab MarsBar game and enjoyed sugary drinks and pinks sweets. Oh and I knocked the horse's head off the pinata.
4. Nearly ate a monkey shaped eraser (after the aforementioned party) Lee fed me the "cute monkey shaped sweetie" from the goodie bag as I drove home. It was made of rubber. My teeth marks still remain in the monkey's head.
5. Having great fun organising our wedding! I've spent the last month focusing on the wedding. It's taken up most of my time. In fact, that is why this list is so short. There is lots still to be done but I'm getting very excited. I'll post a picture of our invites once I get a chance. I'm slowly getting RSVPs back and that is always an unexpected surprise. I was reading a book that commented 'the only letters worth reading are those with the address handwritten.' So true.
6. I feel a lot happier and have more motivation now that the clocks have changed. What a difference that one hour makes. And Glasgow was been sunny (though chilly) for a week. Wow!
7. I'm trying to compile a list of '26 things to do before I'm 27'. I'm 27 in August and I've been inspired by Marceline's list to get cracking with my own. Not long to go.....
8. Re-arranged our living room. I now have a better place for my crafting locker. (I'll post photos of that soon) Oh what a relief to pull out all the tv/video/dvd/playstation leads and sort out the spagetti junction that lurked behind the video. Dust balls were floating all over.
9. Found the joy that is Guitar Hero. For once I can rock on with very little effort. Fave Guitar Hero position? Leg up on the pouffe, guitar tilted upwards. No duck-walking allowed.

I'll be back with more lists and more crafts very soon. I promise. xx
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