Sunday, January 20, 2008

Moving blog!

After continued problems with uploading photos, dodgy layouts and general annoyance, I have decided to move my blog to Wordpress. I will continue to blog in my usual style - but with wordpress I can even have different pages (whoops with excitement!). It can be found here. If you are wondering why the address is - well, merulapie is my new online shop. It will be opening very soon.....The web address for merulapie is Check out my wordpress blog for updates on the shop progress. Remember to update your rss feeds. I hope to see you on wordpress!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's in MY Bag?

Well would you like to know? This was started by Alice and followed on by Marceline. I couldn't resist doing this too. I loved all the teen mags that did photoshoots of 'what's in your bag?'. I longed for Evian mist spray and a diary full of important events.....

Here's my bag.
Handbag - from H&M.
Book - won't fit in, but carrying it about. Doing a review on it asap.
Purse - handmade by my husband.
Card wallet - Hello Kitty in a candystyle theme. Carries all my loyalty cards.
4-colour pen - I love this pen. My favourite type of pen.
Halls Soothers - to soothe my sweet voice. (Ha!)
Parma Violet lip balm- comes in a lovely tin and is so yummy.
Dentist appointments - printed out and ready to get these wisdom teeth checked over.
Mobile phone - I heart my phone.
Showpony purse - delightful present from Tracey for my Christmas, a purse made by Emma of Showpony. Beautiful! This holds the following - mini hairbrush, red lipstick, extra chewing gum, hair band, hankies from Marceline's Japan trip.

There you have it - my handbag! Was there any surprises?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boxing Day (or proof that Whiskers the Cat is truly evil.)

After much cyber-bullying from my fellow bloggers I must apologise and post my Boxing Day blog. I am still considering switching to Wordpress as I find Blogger infuriating. I cannot get the photos to sit properly. I hope to make this transfer soon, but would love some advice on styling etc. Now, onto Boxing Day.....

Wake up early with Lady Pains. Moan and fall back asleep.
11am Force myself to get up and pack up some clothes for taking back to Fife.
Noon Take more painkillers and get on with the day. Shout at Lee to hurry up. Both of us organise all of the presents to take, Lee's fishing gear, guitar and clothes.
1pm Squash all of the above into the Mini.
1.30pm Obsessively switch off electrical items, put heating on timer and hide my laptop. Leave for Fife!
3pm Pick up Lee's little brother Greg from Lochgelly. He is clearly wearing his new Christmas aftershave. He smells good. Squeeze him into the car.
3.15pm Arrive at Lee's parent's house. Feel welcome and happy to get into the warmth. It's good to see everyone; in particular Lee's gran who makes me smile.
3.30pm Dive into present swapping. Get lots of lovely things!
4.30pm Get started on the buffet laid out by Lee's mum. She makes us feel like royalty when we visit and she treated us to lots of yummy food.
5pm. Proof that Whiskers the cat is truly evil. See above photo. I hate this cat so much. He barks miooooowwww and I swear he's going to try and kill me someday.
5pm-onwards....relax with Lee's family, have a couple of pear ciders, pose for photos, eat more food, drink a black Russian (mmmmmmm) and sing a couple of songs on the karaoke. This is ended by Ashley who gets out of bed to complain about our screeching. Boo. I did manage some Stevie Wonder, Elvis and Grease mega-mix before we got booted off.

11.30pm Get taxi back to my parent's house where I feel a bit tipsy but have no-one to talk to -as they are in bed. Boo again.
Overall a lovely day!

I'll be back soon with Saturday's blog......
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