Friday, December 22, 2006

And the winner of the best Christmas card goes to.........

....... Claire! Yes, here is the scariest Christmas card ever - I am terrified of this monkey Santa monkey but something draws me to him. If I have nightmares I'll blame it on his toothy grin.

Last night was spent with Jo and Dominic and some friends for a Christmas drink. Much fun! I am in love with Dominic's cat Merlon, he has converted me to cats (usually I think they are freaky) and was sporting a rather jaunty kerchief. I have no idea why, but his kerchief makes me think of him as a feline equivalent of a young Oliver Reed (pre-alcohol days). Do not ask me why!Sadly, I am allergic to him and was rather itchy, so no cats for me.

Back to festive talk. Here are the runners up in my Christmas card competition.

A card from Rae - she is a big Noel fan. And I love her for giving me her favourite card!
The gingerbread man card is made by Jo and is very cute.
The hand-drawn card is my other friend Jo and Dominic. Thanks to Dominic for his lovely Santa sleigh drawing - I love it!

And here is the monkey, keeping an eye on my reindeer. What a bully!

Finally, here is my Christmas log. A rather camp creation that has been in the family for years. I think my Gran made it. I don't attempt to light it - tinsel and flame = burning log + melted house. For now, have a Merry Christmas and I'm sure I'll be back soon.......

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Christmas and a happy Catherine!

I am officially the happiest I've been all year. I had almost forgotten how it felt to be truly happy. Those of you who know me well realise it's been a hard year for me, with my health and some horrible personal problems. I consider this the hardest year I've ever had to face. It's taken me several months to feel 'normal' and slowly I'm coming back again. Thanks to all the support from family and friends this year - it's been appreciated! The great news is that I got a distinction for my university course this year! And.....I got a 2.1 for my Literature Degree! I'm over moon! I have been grinning ever since. It was hard work but worth it. After Saturday's Miso market, we flopped on the couch with a takeaway and watched the X Factor final. Just as the results were being announced I remembered - doh - my uni results might have been online since Friday. So I raced though and shouted at Lee to follow - and there they were! I ended up crying so hard - whooping noises, snotty nose, tears - the lot - I think my neighbours thought I was crying at the X Factor results. But who cares - it's all over and I'm proud of myself.

This really is a week for celebrating - yes I'm blowing my own trumpet - I deserve some niceness this year! After ten years with Lee and around eight years engaged I finally got my engagement/wedding ring. My brother-in-law works at an auction house and after a failed bid on an antique ring (I was heartbroken but now I'm glad I didn't get it) I got a diamond solitaire ring from the auction house Bonhams. It is so pretty and I am obsessed with it in a Golum from Lord of the Rings type way. It is my precious and I am shallow in my material love.....

I am now officially feeling very Christmassy. Last week was spent making fudge, gingerbread men and coconut ice for the Misofunky Christmas market at Hillhead Library. I also made little embroidered Christmas decorations. My favourite one is the peace heart.

The market was great fun and we had our best sales ever. The atmosphere was good and I enjoyed some of the Christmas pop music played by Jo. The Miso girls put great effort into making goodie bags for everyone (thanks!) and as usual, making the market run smoothly. The raffle/charity wrapping stall raised a lot of money for AYME (Associaton of Young People with ME ) thanks to the girls for choosing a worthwhile cause to support.

I'm glad I took part in the Secret Santa - it was fun to give and even better to receive...My Secret Santa or sultana as he wrote on my gift tag (I prefer the idea of a secret sultan....) gave me a lovely handmade clutch bag, a vintage pin box and a pair of pretty jammie bottoms. I am so delighted with my gifts and have been living in my new jammies ever since.

Finally, have a look at - the online magazine it is a veritable feast of clothes, design and writing. I have my first published short story inside - the second half will be featured next issue.

I'm off to make some final crafty presents for my family. I hope you like my Christmas tree angel - he's an original 1950s decoration and is my retro hero. I love putting him on the tree.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter comforts

For the last month it seems as though Glasgow has been under siege from the rain and wind. I miss crisp winter days with frosty grass, red noses and crunchy leaves. Soggy jeans and windswept hair have taken hold instead. At the weekend I baked a cranberry pie in the hope that I'd feel wintery and warmed by the smell and taste of homebaking. It worked and none remains.

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Patiently patent.....

I love my new shoes. They are shiny patent from Primark. I have always been drawn to patent shoes because I was never allowed them as a child (sob, sob). I know in the past some schoolgirls were banned from wearing patent leather shoes because their shine reflected their underwear - I'm not sure if that's a myth. The reason I was not allowed patent was for practical reasons- they were easily scratched and hard to clean - my mother scoffed at patent leather shoes. So for £4 my new shoes are cheap and ready to scuff.



I'm a huge fan of Gruff Rhys from the Super Furry Animals, so I was delighted to receive my Candylion record in the post yesterday morning. Last night Lee and I dragged out our vinyl and listened to some old classics alongside the charming Candylion. My homemade Candylion sadly turned out a little limp and without an arm, but he's cute all the same.

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Miso Funky Market