Thursday, November 16, 2006


Last night I was so involved in my sewing that I forgot I had a tray of beads on my lap. Oops. One move later and hundreds
of beads were scattered over the floor. It looked like Shirley Bassey had suffered a terrible accident with one of her sequined dresses. Trying to be witty, I shouted my Shirley comment through to Lee and he replied 'Has she? What did she do?'. Obviously assuming Shirley Bassey had keeled over onstage and it was being reported on the 6 O'Clock News.
This is the result of having conversations in different rooms. It ends up becoming an argument over a subject you never actually mentioned in the first place. I should have learned years ago from my parents that this doesn't work.
MOTHER: 'Archie, have you fed the dog? '
FATHER: 'Margaret, I'm in the loft, I'll walk her later!' etc, etc.

Anyway, I don't know what was more stressful - trying to pick them up between the floorboard gaps or the fact that they were not organised in their indiviual compartments. I spent a long, long time picking them up. Note the above photograph, I was resting my head. What fun, especially considering I've so much to do for Saturday's MisoFunky craft market! I guess I don't have the Mida's Touch a la Goldfinger, but more of a Butterfinger touch like a shaking alcoholic. Nice.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Wo-Man from UNCLE

I am the proud Auntie of another little boy - baby Ruben was born on the third of November - the same day as his older brother Ruairidh. So Ruben is the third boy in the family - Reece is the oldest and I can't help but declare (everytime I see him) how tall he is getting! I've known Reece since he was just two months old. He's now ten and that's the number of years Lee and I have been together. I can't really believe it. This week is our anniversary. We are spending this weekend at the MisoFunky craft fair at Hillhead Library (please note -10am-4pm!) so Saturday night won't exactly be a romantic night of passion. Usually after the craft fair I can barely speak or move - so much smiling is involved throughout the day that by the evening my face is rather grumpy looking.

Lee and I went back to Fife at the weekend to see Ruben and enjoyed cooing and aaaahing over him. He is a delightful wee baby, very quiet and sleepy. Newborn babies smell so nice; of talc powder and baby lotion. I always forget how small they are. His older brothers are rather proud and protective of him.

Interesting revelation - I just found out that Ruairidh has always called me Uncle Cat. How strange - I did shave before I went home (joke) and I don't have overly large hands (a dead giveaway) or an Adam's Apple. Apparently it's just a habit - I know that Reece used to call Lee and I Leecat, because he always saw us together and merged us into one person. Scary imagery. Once when his dad took him out for a walk he saw a cat (of the feline variety) and said, 'Look, there's a cat!' to which Reece replied - 'Where's Lee?'. Ah, the things kids say!

The previous weekend, I went to London with my parents to visit my brother Paul and his family. He has a three month old girl called Sophie. She is just delightful and, like Ruben, is very cute and smells just gorgeous! She's laughing at lots of things now - cue silly noises, faces and dances to make her giggle. I had a fabulous time, pottered around Greenwich/Blackheath and just relaxed in my brother's house. We also had an afternoon trip to Hobbycraft. It was like crafter's heaven. I didn't know where to start! I wish there was a branch up here in Scotland, the nearest is down in Newcastle. Paul kindly treated me to a selection of crafty things. (see photo). My sister laughed when she heard I visited Hobbycraft - 'Where you not overwhelmed?' Yes, I was, but the shopper in me came alive and I went forth and rummaged in the bargain bins.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mini adventure

As promised, here's three photos of my parents with their Mini estate. The first photo is my Dad in the Karoo, South Africa on his way to Zambia. Remember - he had no air conditioning, no mobile phone and garages were hundreds of miles apart. Two things I love about this photo - my Dad is wearing a jumper, (I guess it was a bit chilly?) and the AA sticker on the back of the car! I'm sure roadside assistance in South Africa was very limited back in 1968! The second photo is my Mum in Beira, Mozambique, 1968/9. I love her dress and handbag! The last photo is my Mum in the Lake District, May 1968.

I still find it hard to imagine how adventurous my parents must have felt going to Africa in the 1960s. My Dad took the Mini estate out on a ship, my Mum joined him later on. The only way they could communicate with friends and family back in Scotland was via letter.

I'm rather proud of these photos, I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Insert witty remark here -

Saw quite a funny car sticker today. 'Ex-husband in boot'. Made me smile. 'Baby on board' ones are plain irritating, but they are needed for safety.

The ones I love to hate are the 'Playboy Bunny on board'. Excuse me, but usually the women driving those cars are less Playmate of the Babes and more Planet of the Apes. Hugh Hefner would be proud.
Miso Funky Market